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The key elements here are glass and the fittings used to hold the glass. The glass needs to be thick enough, toughened, while the fittings needs to be of good quality so that your fence is strong, beautiful and appealing for years.

At Elite Glass Limited, we stock high quality glass pool fence fittings, which are made from tough, weather resistant stainless steel. This is important, for preventing the potential to weaken over time, weakening the rest of your pool fencing at the same time. With this in mind, Elite Glass Limited has it in stock, the best pool fencing glass fitting which withstand the African weather.

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In Kenya, glass is likely to be a significant part of your bathroom refurbishment.

When it comes to glass in bathrooms, glass shower screens and sink splash backs normally dominate the space, but there are myriad of other constructive uses.
Sections of your bathroom can be divided by Large plates of glass while some obscured glass can provide privacy both in shower screens and doors. Using Elite Glass toughened glass also ensures your bathroom is safe for the entire family.

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Glass fittings have become quite popular in modern architecture as is evident on landmark structures like airports, hotels, malls, offices etc. Elegant and stylish in design, glass fittings leverage their transparency feature to add brilliance and magnificence in a building’s overall architecture.

Connectors, hinges and patch fittings are just some of the accessories we use in interior designs.